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A day at the beach with the church

Posted by on May 21, 2012 in gathering | 4 comments

Yesterday (Sunday, May 20, 2012), we spent a day at the beach with the church. We’ve done this regularly (usually once in the summer) for the last few years. One of the families will plan the outing and those who can will join them at Wrightsville Beach, near Wilmington, NC.

It’s about a 2 1/2 hour drive from our house to the beach. We left just after 7:00 a.m., picked up a few friends, and drove down. I think we spent about 6 hours hanging out, talking, playing in the sand and water, playing volleyball, and even paddling around in a kayak.

It was supposed to rain all day. But, it never rained! It was overcast until about 2 p.m., then the sun came out for a beautiful and hot afternoon. (Yes, I’m sunburned.)

This year, as a bonus, I was able to meet (in real life) some friends who I originally met here on this blog: Randi (and her family) and their friend Chris. Randi comments here frequently, and Chris has commented in the past. I was able to talk with them for a few minutes, but usually one of my other friends had them cornered and chatting away.

I even when on a run on the beach with two guys. It was first time running in the sand, and the first time running bare foot. (We found out that it’s 1.75 miles between the two piers on Wrightsville Beach.)

This is one “tradition” that I hope we can continue for a long time.


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  1. 5-21-2012

    Sounds like a lovely day with other believers. Perhaps it was and perhaps it was the company of church folk, maybe in or out of the body of Christ. Maybe that doesn’t matter at all. If deep utters to deep, then perhaps you had more than a pleasant day in the sun. I will discontinue my post now, if you ever need me< I am here for you.
    All the Best,

  2. 5-22-2012

    Love Love LOVED IT!! Please come down more frequently 🙂

  3. 5-24-2012


    Yes, it was a lovely day with brothers and sisters in Christ. Thanks.


    It was great to meet you and your family! Maybe you can hang out with some of us again when you come over to this area.


  4. 9-21-2012

    That would be great. I just found this comment buried in my inbox. Look forward to seeing how God will cross our paths again!