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A Week in the Life of the Church…

Posted by on Jan 14, 2007 in community, fellowship, gathering | 6 comments

A few months ago, I posted some of our weekly interactions with the church (see the post “Church Meetings“). At that time, I said that we were learning what it means to share our lives with other believers, and we were beginning to understand how the church can come together “daily” (Acts 2:46). I thought I would post our interactions with the church last week as well. I’m not posting this to put our family or the group of believers that we know on a pedestal. However, I hope that this offers a glimpse of what the church (as described in the NT) should look like. (HT: Brandon, for reminding us to offer solutions, not just criticism.) I am hoping that we can all learn to live as the church together.

Sunday: Our “official” church meeting is Sunday mornings beginning at 10:30. People usually start gathering around 10:00. The meeting includes Scripture reading, prayer, singing, preaching/teaching, and sharing.

After the meeting, we went to lunch with some brothers and a sister for further conversation and fellowship.

Monday: My wife took my son and daughter to Tae Kwon Do. The instructer and several of the children are part of our church family.

That evening, we helped some friends who are renovating a house before they move in next week. This night we just helped them move a french door into the house.

Tuesday: We helped some friends who are renovating a house. We were able to help do several things that night.

Wednesday: My wife took my son and daughter to Tae Kwon Do again. After their lesson, my son went to a local elementary school with his instructor to help teach the kids there.

Thursday: My wife and I had lunch with a young couple that has a 4 1/2 month old baby boy. We get to spend time with the wife often, but the husband works evenings. We had a great time fellowshiping with them and encouraging them as parents.

During the evening, we went to the home of some friends for a Bible study. Several people were sick, but we had a great time hearing how God is revealing himself through his Word to our brothers and sisters.

Later, we talked to some dear friends in Asia using Skype. God has them in a dark place right now, and they are hurting physically, emotionally, and spiritually. We wanted nothing more than to hug them. Technology is a great way to stay connected with brothers and sisters who move away.

Friday: My wife, son, and daughter met with other families for fellowship over doughnuts and coffee. (Can there be any better way to fellowship than with doughnuts?)

I spent my lunch with a dear brother. It was great to talk with him about what was going on with their family, and God was using the church to serve them as they prepare to move into a new house.

That evening, we took our son and daughter to the home of some of our friends. They asked if they could keep the kids overnight so that my wife and I could celebrate our 18th wedding anniversary (which is actually today, Sunday, January 14)!

Saturday: We picked up our son and daughter, and did some work for our friends who are renovating their house before they move in next week.

Well, that’s about all for last week. This is certainly not all the interactions that the church had with one another. We know of many more lunches, dinners, bible studies, etc. The exciting thing to me is that God’s people are truly learning to share their lives together – not just share a couple of hours on Sunday.


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  1. 1-14-2007


    What you posted seems like nothing more than people helping and spending time with other people. Many times it appears to be just your family and one other family. How in the world can you possibly consider that gathering with the church? There is an undeniable “relationship building” aspect to your activities, but are you seriously asking us to believe that going to lunch with someone else (a brother or sister in Christ implied) constitutes gathering with the church? Where is the choir, the pulpit, the preacher? Is it possible that you’ve forgotten the real meaning of Christmas, Charlie Brown?

    …Or, perhaps you’re discovering it.


  2. 1-14-2007


    “It’s the church, Charlie Brown”… do you think that title would sell?


  3. 1-14-2007

    I envy the kind of church life you are describing. It is the kind of thing we hope our own people in house churches being planted will develop as well. The whole of idea of “being church” rather than simply “going to church” would revolutionize the church if we could ever get a grasp on this concept.

  4. 1-14-2007


    Thanks for the comment. I’m certainly not suggesting that our family or friends are perfect. I am excited about what God is doing in and through our little group.


  5. 1-15-2007

    I just have to say that Gary nearly gave me a heart attack. I thought he was serious for a few moments!!


    Thanks for sharing this synopsis of the events of the week, Alan. I do find it hard to believe you’ve been married 18 years. You must have gotten married when you were 12 or something…. 😉

  6. 1-15-2007


    Thanks, I think. I must be older than I look. I turn 40 this year. When my parents were my age, I was a junior in college.