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More on Pastors and Elders

Posted by on Oct 1, 2007 in blog links, elders, office | Comments Off on More on Pastors and Elders

I continue to think through and discuss the implications of my view of elders as expressed in my recent series on elders, which starts with “Elders (Part 1) – Introduction“. I have come across a few blog posts that you may find interesting.

First, Bill Lollar from “The Thin Edge of the Wedge” has written a very thought provoking post called “What does a ‘shepherd’ look like?

Also, Cyle Clayton wrote a post for SBC Impact called “Elders in Baptist Congregational Life“. In this post, Cyle describes how his church transitioned from a single pastor to multiple elders.

These posts come from brothers with different perspectives on leadership. It is interested to read their thoughts in this area.