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Weekend with Friends

Posted by on Nov 4, 2007 in edification, gathering | Comments Off on Weekend with Friends

God has been very gracious to us this weekend. Friday evening, our family was able to spend a quiet evening at home. This was a needed break, because the last few months have been very busy.

Saturday morning, our children took part in a Tae Kwon Do demo at a Fall Carnival at the local Catholic church. Some friends stopped by the watch the demo and support them. We’re always grateful for friends who will take the time to share their lives with us.

Saturday afternoon, our family travelled south of Raleigh to a cornfield maze (see pictures at our family blog). Seven other friends with us. Even though the corn was short because of the drought, we all had a great time racing through the maze, playing horseshoes, and just hanging out.

Our church did not meet as normal Sunday morning. Our location had been leased to someone else for the day, so we met at a different location Sunday afternoon. Since our morning was free, we decided to spend it with our neighbor and their church. We also had lunch with our neighbors. It was great to be able to spend time with them and get to know them better. We were very encouraged, and I hope they were as well.

Sunday afternoon, we met with our church. One of our brothers taught about the Davidic covenant from 2 Samuel 7. From the last half of that chapter it is obvious that David is awed at the fact that God is going to build David an eternal house. Similarly, in Isaiah 55, we are all invited to take part in God’s covenant with David – that is, to be part of David’s house.

Finally, after our Sunday meeting, a young lady invited us and several other friends to her house for chili and cake. We had a great time eating, chatting, joking, and watching Monk DVDs.

Yes, God was very gracious to us this weekend.