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Tuesday Night Worship Service

Posted by on Dec 1, 2009 in church life, community, service, worship | 5 comments

Its about 9:00 pm Tuesday night, and we’re just returning home from a Tuesday night worship service with the church. I hear some of you asking, “A Tuesday night worship service?” Yes. A Tuesday night worship service.

This afternoon and this evening after work, twenty or so of us gathered together and worked together to help Jason and Mandie (two of our friends) move. (By the way, Jason has an awesome post on his blog called “Lessons from Marriage.” He’s learning, as I have learned, that marriage can become our most important discipling relationship.)

One friend told me that he had a bad attitude all day. His attitude seemed fine when we were talking. Serving others has a tendency to do that because we take our minds off of ourselves and our circumstances.

So, that was our Tuesday night worship service… helping Jason and Mandie move.


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  1. 12-1-2009


    So, you had a true biblical worship service?


  2. 12-1-2009


    Well, in serving our friends, I think Scripture indicates that we worshiped God. So, yeah, I think so.


  3. 12-2-2009

    I’d say that we had a true biblical worship service. Many were singing praise music. We were lifting up praises to God. We were fellowshipping. We were offering acts of service. We had a meal together. The only things we weren’t doing: sitting in pews, tightening a tie around our starched collars, gazing up at a single man espousing the secret knowledge of God.

  4. 12-2-2009


    Perhaps I should start carrying pews in my van for just this sort of occasion.


  5. 12-2-2009

    You can only carry them if the cushions are the right color and match the surrounding area.