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Maël’s study on ordination

Posted by on Jun 21, 2010 in blog links, service | 1 comment

Maël’s study on ordination

My friend Maël from “The Adventures of Maël and Cindy” has finished posting his study of ordination. The final post (“Ordination – Conclusion“) contains a summary as well as a link to all of the posts in this series, including two excurses concerning ministry and hierarchy.

I think Maël did a great job studying a non-scriptural topic. What do I mean? Well, the modern concept of ordination is not found in Scripture. But, related concepts are found. So, Maël studies Scriptures and offers a proposal as to how the church could return to a more scriptural form of commissioning.

Read the series. You may not agree with everything that Maël writes, but if it drives you back to Scripture to consider modern practices, isn’t that worth it?

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  1. 6-21-2010

    thanks for the link! Excellent! I shall be reading the whole series.