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Three Church Meetings in One Day

Posted by on Sep 13, 2010 in edification, gathering | 1 comment

We met with the church three times yesterday. Yeah, I know that some churches have three or more “services” in the same day, but that’s not exactly what I’m talking about.

First, we met the church at our normal meeting place and our normal meeting time. This week, we sang some songs a capella that the brothers and sisters wanted to sing. Between songs, we prayed for various requests. Then, Geth led us in a study of Genesis 32. After we discussed that passage and encouraged each other to trust God (even as we “wrestle” with God), several people made announcements about upcoming events they are planning, like a camping trip for the church, or a trip to Carowinds for the teenagers, or a get-together in the park that afternoon. We then ate together and continued fellowshiping for a while.

Second, during our time of prayer request, I updated my brothers and sisters about my friend T. (See my post “The doctor told her she’s dying.”) I told them that after we finished eating, I was planning to go visit T., and I invited them to go with me. Several decided to go. So, we drove over to T.’s apartment. We talked for a few minutes, then I told her that we wanted to sing with her, read Scripture together, and pray with her. She asked if we would sing “How Great Thou Art,” so we did. Then, I read Ephesians 1, when includes a list of such great spiritual blessings from God. Then we sang “In Christ Alone,” and prayed together. It was a beautiful time. As we left, one of my dear friends stayed with T. for a while longer.

Third, a little later in the afternoon, I drove out to a local park where a family said they were going. It turns out that some other brothers and sisters came also. We played volleyball together, sat around for awhile, and walked around some trails. It was a great to spend time together, talking about what God was doing, and encouraging one another just as we had fun together.

The only bad thing about yesterday is that my wife, Margaret, was sick. She started running a slight fever Saturday night and it continued Sunday morning.

I’m looking forward to spending more time with the church this week (yes, this week, not just this weekend). I’m also looking forward to seeing T. this week. Perhaps I’ll be able to connect with some of T.’s neighbors that I haven’t had the chance to meet yet.

I came together with the church Sunday morning with a song and a pot of chili. God gave so much more through my brothers and sisters.

What did you bring to meet with your church yesterday (or whenever)? How did you meet with the church? How did God encourage your and how did he encourage others through you?

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  1. 9-13-2010

    We met yesterday morning, and I brought a bit of my story about how God had worked in me the last five years. We’ll gather again Tuesday night, and I’ll bring food and drink.