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So you want to share your life with others in Christ… but can’t find that kind of fellowship?

Posted by on Jul 13, 2012 in discipleship, fellowship | 4 comments

If you’ve been following my posts this week, you know that I’ve been writing about fellowship as sharing your life with others as you share your lives with Christ together. But, what do you do when you desire to share your life with others, but you can’t find that kind of fellowship?

Like I’ve said before, sometimes we go through times in our life without face-to-face interaction with other believers. But, God created us for a relationship with him and for relationships with one another in him. We should expect to find that God brings people into our lives.

However, sometimes when God brings people into our lives, they do not know how to share their lives with other people. And, it could be, that we do not know how to share our lives with others, even if we know that we need it.

So, it can help to intentionally seek times with others people – times that foster relationships, conversation, and growth. There are many different opportunities for this kind of relationship. I shared a few of those occasions when God has brought people into my life in my post “You found fellowship in Christ where and when?

Here are some suggestions if you think God is bringing someone into your life for this kind of fellowship, but one or both of you are struggling with sharing your life:

1) Invite the person (people) to your home (or accept an invitation to their home) for dinner, coffee, dessert, lunch, hors d’oeuvres, bbq, etc. Sharing your home with others is one of the best ways to begin sharing your lives together. However, recognize that in today’s culture people rarely stay home, and being in someone else’s home is strange to some people.

2) Invite the person/people (or accept an invitation from them) to a restaurant, bar, coffee house, ice cream shop, etc. While this environment may not be as intimate as a home, these are the normal ways to begin connecting with people today. As you get to know one another better, invitations to one another’s home will be more natural.

3) Share your family life with one another. Attend their children’s activities and invite them to join you at your children’s activities. Sure, you may not particular like tee ball or dance recitals, but you do love the people, right? And, don’t forget about birthday parties, anniversaries, graduations, etc. Share these celebrations with others.

4) Serve together. I can’t stress this one enough. Do you know someone who needs their grass cut or leaves raked? Then invite someone to join you as you serve that person together. Do you know someone who needs groceries? Invite someone to go to the grocery store with you and to deliver the groceries together.

These are just a few suggestions. Each of them can help you share your life with people that God bring you into contact with – especially when you or they or both struggle with fellowship.

When you get together, be yourself and let them be themselves. Listen. Ask questions. Find connections. You’ll be surprised what God will do when you begin to think about “one another” more than just yourself. Yes, it’s costly. But, it’s worth it.


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  1. 7-14-2012

    Excellent. Sure simplifies things. Love the one about serving others – great way to spend time and you can combine it with #’s 1 and 2 by grabbing a quick meal or snack afterward.

    Could also add going to some sort of an event/activity…for example, a car show (I tried for one today, but the weather and the other guy going out of town hampered that one), expos, museum trip, town event…anyone could add to this list.

    Agreed…think of the other person/people. “Consider others more highly than yourselves”. What a concept!

  2. 7-14-2012


    Yes, that “consider others” passage is a huge one when thinking about fellowship and unity!


  3. 7-24-2012

    This, as in all subjects, is a matter of hearing the voice of the Lord via the Holy Spirit and following it. Their are times to be alone, and their are times to seek fellowship, see what the Lord wants for you in this season. The Internet is a powerful tool at times to provide the spiritual family fellowship where the distances are great.
    These are wonderful ideas, thank you for sharing them.

  4. 7-24-2012


    Yes, and like we read in the NT, there are times when people do not practically know how to follow the Spirit. Hopefully, my suggestions can help the understand what God is leading them to do.