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Blog with One Another: A Chain Blog Update

Posted by on Oct 9, 2012 in blog links, chain blog, community, fellowship | 3 comments

At the beginning of last week, I started a “chain blog” on the topic of “one another.” A chain blog is an event – or process actually – in which several bloggers write about the same topic, one after that other. In this case, we’re writing about the topic of “one another” and various aspects of that topic.

So far, seven eight nine A BUNCH OF bloggers have taken part in the chain blog writing 8 9 10 A BUNCH OF posts (since Greg’s was in 2 parts). I think – if I remember correctly – this is the fastest moving chain blog so far.

Here are the posts in the chain blog so far (with a little tease):

1. “Chain Blog: One Another” by Alan

What does this mean for those of us who are following Jesus Christ? Well, it helps us to understanding the importance of our mutual relationships with one another in Jesus Christ when we read statements in Scripture like “love one another,” “teach one another,” “be kind to one another,” “edify one another,” “forgive one another,” “admonish one another,” etc.

2. “Linking One Another” by Swanny

“Us”conditional love must be avoided at all costs because it sends the message to people that they have no value (or are not right with God) unless they are complying with the demands, the rules, or the “what we believe” statements the local church rulers pulled out of their behinds.

3. “What Does It Mean to Love One Another? by Chuck

For almost every action we take, we have a choice. We can walk by the flesh, or we can walk by the Spirit. If we walk by the flesh, we will act selfishly—seeking our own good. If we walk by the Spirit, we will act in love—seeking the good of others.

4. “The treasure of “One Another” by Jim

To live “in” Christ is to be free from our natural way of dividing, or establishing borders. This indeed makes us vulnerable, yet at the same time secure. We are vulnerable to those that choose to take advantage of our freedom, and lack of borders. Yet our defense is not our defense, but of, and “in” Christ.

5. “This is how the world shall recognise you…” by Kathleen

The world we live in is desperate for true community. Social media is allowing people to be more connected than ever before – but they still need something more. The world needs to see God’s people loving one another – deeply connected, living life together, engaging in the messiness of each other’s lives.

6. “Accepting one another in love by Chris

If I demonstrate love and others copy my example, great benefit and joy and peace will result! If I demonstrate judgement and others copy my example, great misery and shame and angst will result. Why do we find it so hard to go first in love? And why do we find it so easy to go first in judgement?

7. “One Another-ing: A meta-narrative for the church” – Part One and Part Two by Greg

Our one another-ing on earth are really mirror reflections of God’s one another-ing toward us from heaven and this short journey in time we have with one another is the first draft in the unedited script of life together forever.

8. “Individualism and ‘one another’” by Pieter

In living out the “one another” directives of the Lord we need to focus on “putting others before yourselves in honour” in the (Christian) community. The most effective way to do that is to have a servant attitude.

9. “All Alone with One Another” by Jeremy

I always find it interesting when pastors and teachers tell us that we can fulfill the “one anothers” in Scripture by joining a church, faithfully attending on Sunday morning, Sunday night, and Wednesday night, and by getting involved in a church ministry. In my experience–and I don’t think I am “alone” in this–such activities do little to quell the sense of being all alone with one another in church. The solution to feeling alone in church is not to attend more church services and Bible studies.

10. “When it’s OK for Christians to compete” by Joshua

It’s hard for me to imagine God as being competitive. Nor do I find my own competitive urges to be very much in line with the call to love and serve other people. Quite to the contrary, competition lends itself more toward pride and ambition than it does humility and sacrifice. Yet there is one clear instance in scripture where disciples of Christ are encouraged to be competitive.

11. “Jesus Christ, the Corner Stone for One Another” by Peter

This costly, chief Corner Stone is the basis on which, we relate to one another. This Corner Stone unites us. The old creation is full of every division imaginable. But, there is no division in the new creation. In Christ, we are altogether together One.

12. “Be Superficial with One Another” by Jon

Maybe it is best that we all just act superficially with one another. We can smile and be friendly and make small talk about sports, weather, or recent shared experiences. But it is probably best to stick to safe topics.

13. “The Unmentionable One Anothers” by Alan

Love one another. Be kind to one another. Forgive one another. We love these nice “one anothers,” but there are other “one another” instructions that we don’t like to talk about.

14. “Loving More Fully and Widely” by Chris

We’re going to see how much we can draw from a single occurrence of the phrase ‘one another’. I think Romans 13:8 is the particular example I should take.

15. “The One Another Weapon” by Dan

See, the biggest thing to remember is that these passages should not be interpreted through the perspective of how I should act toward others, but how others should act toward me. When you shift your focus from others to yourself you can really start tapping into the power of the “one another” passages!

16. “Corporate One-Anothering” (Part 1 and Part 2) by David

We all know that the “one another” verses in the New Testament are written to individuals and are to be put into practice among the members of the Body of Christ as the fabric of their life together in Christ. Something we also see modeled in the New Testament, however, is various churches or groups of believers putting some of these same “one another” exhortations into practice on a corporate level.

17. “The Last Revival” by Tobie

And so a long and intimate conversation began between the two fingers. They were amazed at how similar they were. They could relate with one another’s frustrations, hurts and dreams. They found it astonishing that they both preferred to touch rather than be touched, and they had many other traits in common. They soon became best friends, and began spending almost all of their free time together, speaking about the things that fingers most like to speak about.

18. “Love: A one another comic” by Dan

The modern church method of loving one another?

19. “I Can Only Love You If…” by Rob

Let’s face it, whenever we are not regarding each and everyone with their unique background, personality and gifting, whether in the body of Christ or not, MORE highly than ourselves, then we are in the FLESH and SIN.

20. “It Was Lost in Translation” by Nelson

This scripture tells us that teaching and admonishing are two way exercises. I don’t know for sure, but it seems to me that ‘teaching and admonishing’ is one thing with two parts. It also seems to me that it takes place as a natural part of being in the same body.

So, who will write the eighth ninth tenth NEXT link post in the chain blog? If you want to take part, jump over to the last post in the chain and leave a comment that you’ll write the next post.


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  1. 10-9-2012

    Alan, a brother has sent me an email with his entry for this chain. I’ll post his comments on my blog and we will move on. This is a rewarding experience, learning and gaining from “one another”.

    Thanks Alan

  2. 12-7-2012

    ‘…jump over to the last post in the chain and leave a comment that you’ll write the next post.’
    Not sure if this is the last post or how to ‘jump’ if it is not.

    But I would be interested in writing a post next week.

  3. 12-7-2012


    The latest post in the chain (so far) is here: “I can only love you if…” If you don’t mind, leave a comment there letting everyone know that you’d like to write the next post in the chain. Thanks!