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Time for another chain blog? But what topic…

Posted by on Apr 19, 2013 in chain blog | 9 comments

Last October, I started a chain blog on the topic “the one anothers.” (See my post “Chain Blog: One Another.”) In that chain blog, seventeen different bloggers wrote twenty three different posts examining various aspects of the “one another” passages in the New Testament. Of all the chain blogs that I’ve taken part in, that was by far the best for many reasons.

But, some of you may be asking, “What is a chain blog?”

Well, here’s a quick description:

The way it works is that someone starts the chain blog by writing a post about a particular topic. The next person in the chain writes a post on the same topic and publishes it on his/her blog. That post can be in response to the previous post(s), or it can simply continue the conversation or even take the conversation in a different direction concerning the same topic. This continues until no one is interested in writing another post.

And, these are the rules that we used in the last chain blog:

Chain Blog Rules

1) If you would like to write the next blog post (link) in this chain, leave a comment stating that you would like to do so. If someone else has already requested to write the next link, then please wait for that blog post and leave a comment there requesting to write the following link.

2) Feel free to leave comments here and discuss items in this blog post without taking part in the actual “chain.” Your comments and discussion are very important in this chain blog (both this post and the other link posts in the chain).

3) When you write a link in this chain, please reply in the comments of the previous post to let everyone know that your link is ready. Also, please try to keep an updated list of links in the chain at the bottom of your post, and please include these rules at the bottom of your post.

But, what topic…

Gathering with the church
Obviously, this is the main focus of my blog, but I realized recently that I’ve never done a chain blog on this topic. There are so many different subtopics that could be examined in this chain blog.

Leadership/leading among the church
This is a topic that usually garners alot of attention. Everyone has an opinion, an experience, a tradition, an exegesis, etc. In this topic, we could discuss what are typically called “offices” – elders, pastors, bishops, deacons, etc. We could also discuss general aspects of leading among the church… what it means and what it doesn’t mean.

Living in Unity/Fellowship
We once did a chain blog on “dealing with divisive issues.” This would be the opposite perspective. How do we live in the unity that we have in Jesus Christ?

Those are the topics that came to mind, but I’m open to other suggestions.

So, are you interested in taking part in another chain blog? If so, what topic related to the church would you like to investigate together with other bloggers?


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  1. 4-19-2013

    Hi Alan! I hope I can get in on this one. I like the first and third topics you suggest. I am not certain I see the fine line between them. I look forward to seeing what topic is chosen and participating! Blessings – Stan

  2. 4-19-2013

    I’m up for another chain blog, and any one of those sounds good to me.

  3. 4-19-2013

    Unity in light of John 17

  4. 4-19-2013

    Decisions, decisions. I like the idea of unity as well. Especially the idea of how to live in unity with Christians of vastly different traditions and beliefs.

  5. 4-19-2013

    I’m that you’re all interested in another chain blog. So, for now, it looks like the only people with an opinion choose “unity”… any other suggestions?


  6. 4-19-2013

    Im with Jim and Jeremy on unity.
    And, if possible, each contributor might include a true story
    of unity that prevented or overcame division?
    Nothing makes a point like a true and inspiring story.

  7. 4-20-2013

    I like the unity idea & Greg’s addition.

  8. 4-20-2013

    In his book Your Church is too Small, John Armstrong talks about “relational unity.” I talk about that some in a post called “Taking steps toward relational unity.” That post also links to a couple of other posts about the book.

    Perhaps we could narrow this topic a little to “Real Relational Unity.” I could encourage participants to not only write about theoretical aspects of unity, but also to share real examples of relational unity.

    What do you think?


  9. 4-21-2013

    Id been thinking and writing about unity on the side already and have something I can post, any time you would like to start.


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