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An update about July 2013

Posted by on Aug 5, 2013 in personal | 3 comments

So, July 2013 was an interesting month for us.

First, my wife (Margaret) and daughter (Miranda) spent the entire month in Alabama. Miranda wants to be a veterinary technician, and she had an opportunity to work at her grandfather’s former veterinary clinic in our hometown in Alabama. So, Margaret took her down so that she could work at the clinic through the month of July.

Unfortunately, my son (Jeremy) and I had to stay in North Carolina to work. Needless to say, we missed them very much.

On top of that, I have been extremely busy with my job, including a business trip for a few days in July. Plus, we had to complete some certifications during the month of July for another contract.

Saying that about my job, I need to tell you… I really love my job! I’ve said that a few times here, and it’s more true now that it ever has been. My responsibilities are changing, and I’m excited about the direction that both my company and my job are heading.

Of course, everything that happened during the month of July affected my ability to blog. So, I did not blog for several days.

Also, I’ve been thinking about the best way to describe my understanding of the church (i.e., my ecclesiology). I’m planning to publish a brief post about that tomorrow.

Well, that’s the personal update from here. How are you doing?


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  1. 8-5-2013

    I am also busy though I am not working for a company since 2011 when I decide to work on my own. I little nervous today because I have a new Training COurse that begins this afternoon ( I am a Office, graphics and Web design teacher a couple of days a week).
    Having difficulties dealing with the everyday issues with my kids but always having in mind that the Kingdom of God have to be the first thing in my house and the word of God be the base and standard for our lives, God how though this job is !!
    Despite the distance between us, I often take the time to read your words, it is very useful to practice my english and to know your point of view of different subjcts. Keep Up the Good work !

  2. 8-5-2013

    Glad to hear things are going well. What a great opportunity for your daughter! My 8 year old son LOVES animals. I don’t know if veterinary school is in his future, but it’s always a bonus to have opportunities to help your children grow in their area of interest.
    Our summer has BLOWN by. We are finally adjusting to having 2 less children (going from 9 to 7) in our home. The adjustment really hit me this week (not in a sad way, just reflecting) when i took down the crib (our youngest is 2). After our oldest married last May, and our oldest boy joined the Marines, we never had a genuine adjustment period because we hosted an exchange student! After he left in June, things began to settle. Definitely a new milestone for our family.
    In addition to that, i have been doing more cake decorating this summer for profit, and i will be catering for the first time Labor Day Weekend. Whew! Kinda nervous a out that one. 🙂

  3. 8-6-2013

    Jorge and Genoise,

    Thank you for sharing with us what’s been going on in your lives!