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2nd Blogiversary!

Posted by on Mar 21, 2008 in discipleship | 7 comments

Today is my second blogiversay! I started publishing this blog two years ago on March 21, 2006, writing two posts “Welcome” and “Questions“. (My first blogiversary post was simply called “Blogiversary“.)

Usually, at a milestone such as this, I would list my most popular blog posts. Instead, this time I’m going to list my favorite blog post or series for each month of the last year:

April 2007 – “Connecting the Dots” series
May 2007 – “Do we want to be associated with a Samaritan?
June 2007 – “Edification” series
July 2007 – “But I have perfect attendance…
August 2007 – tie: “Please allow me to introduce myself” and “It is dangerous to ask ‘Why?’
September 2007 – “Elders” series
October 2007 – tie: “Dropping the ‘H’ bomb” and “Should elders be paid a salary?” series
November 2007 – “Spiritual Gifts” series
December 2007 – “Guaranteed Church Building Program
January 2008 – tie: “Baptism” series and “Won’t Get Fooled Again
February 2008 – “Theological Sources” series
March 2008 – “Stumbling Blocks

Primarily, I started this blog as an aid for my studies. As I studied and read about the church, I wanted an outlet to discuss many of the ideas that I’ve read about or that I’ve formulate. In that sense, this blog has been a huge success. However, I don’t think the success of this blog is due to my writing. Instead, the success is due to the interaction that I’ve had with many of my readers, both through the comments of this blog, through emails, and in person.

By the way, when I say that this blog has been a success, I’m not talking about the number of hits or pageviews, although I’m happy that those have grown. Instead, I’m saying that this blog has been successful as an outlet and a place for discussion about the church.

Some may not realize that the things that I’m studying are not merely academic to me. When I learn something about the church or about God or about life or about service or about love, I try to implement in my life. This does not mean that my life is an “experiment”. However, it does mean that I recognize that God will continue to teach and grow and mature me. Sometimes he uses Scripture. Sometimes he uses experiences. Sometimes he uses books. Sometimes he uses other people. There are many avenues, but God uses all of them to mature me (and all of us) in Christ Jesus through the Holy Spirit.

So, thank you – my readers – for being part of my discipleship process. Believe me, I learn from you every day, and I do not take your interaction for granted. I thank God for you often and ask him to use me in your lives as much as he’s used you in my life.

I do not consider myself an expert. Instead, I see us all as pilgrims, sharing a journey with our Lord as we make our way home. Thank you for walking with me and helping me walk more like our Lord.


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  1. 3-21-2008

    My heartiest congratulations, Alan! I think of these words of Thomas Aquinas: “We must love them both, those whose opinions we share and those whose opinions we reject. For both have labored in the search for truth and both have helped us in the finding of it.” Your blog has indeed been a great help to me and to many others. In multos annos!

  2. 3-21-2008

    congratulations – putting int two year is one thing, you’ve also written some serious & helpful posts

  3. 3-21-2008


    Congrats! Thank you for your studies and all the time and effort you put into them. I admire and appreciate your sincere love and devotion for the Body of Christ.

    Lord Bless,


  4. 3-21-2008

    I give thanks, for you, to our Father,my dear brother in Christ. I cannot use words to express what a delight and blessing your blog has been for me.

    The encouragement, of being able to read the words of a brother who is prepared to THINK about what he believes, is so great.

    My congratulations! Ditto to Dave Black’s quoting of Thomas Aquinas. May your keyboard suffer many more strokes.

  5. 3-21-2008

    Everyone, thank you for the kind words, and thank you for interacting with me and others on this blog. May we continue to help one another walk toward maturity in Christ.


  6. 3-22-2008


    The blogging world is considerably brighter because of the topics you discuss and the time you take with them.

  7. 3-23-2008

    Congratulations! I have only been reading here for a short time but your writings have inspired, encouraged, and blessed me. Thanks!


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