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Lord’s Supper as a meal in practice

Posted by on Aug 17, 2008 in blog links, community, fellowship, ordinances/sacraments | 4 comments

I’ve mentioned before that I believe the Lord’s Supper should be eaten as a meal (see “The Lord’s Supper as a Meal?“). This is not a theoretical doctrine for me. Instead, this is something that we practice as a church.

Today, we did just that: we ate the Lord’s Supper as a meal. I’ve posted some pictures on our family blog in a post called “The Lord’s Supper and Mrs. Jenny’s Cross”.

The second part of that post title (“Mrs. Jenny’s Cross”) refers to the picture of a painting of a cross that Mrs. Jenny gave our family. I’ve written about Mrs. Jenny previously in posts called “I think we’ve been adopted” and “She said, ‘I’m very close’“.

By the way, for those who are interested, our Sunday church meeting started around 10:30 this morning, and ended around 3:30 this afternoon.


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  1. 8-17-2008

    would love to hear more about the day and how the day “played out” and what were reactions from everyone.

    Was this the first time ?

  2. 8-17-2008


    No, this wasn’t the first time. We eat together every week. About once a month we do something separate with the bread and the cup along with the meal.

    How does it play out? We start by reading Scripture. Then we sing and pray – each week someone is schedule to choose and lead the singing. Then someone teaches – each week someone is scheduled to teach. Then we have a time of exhortation and prayer where anyone can speak, share a prayer request, etc. Then we take a short break to talk, set up tables, etc. Then we talk about some aspect of the Lord’s Supper from Scripture – this time, we talked about fellowship. Then we take the bread and cup. Then we eat a meal together – whateve people bring – usually called “pot-luck”. After the meal some play games, others continue talking, some pray together… it just depends on what’s going on in someones life at that time. I hope this helps.


  3. 8-17-2008

    Hey Alan,

    Did you know there were people playing cards? And you are SBC?

    Brother, let me ask? How do I get something like this started in our local church?

  4. 8-17-2008


    Yes, they were playing a card game called Phase 10. Its alot of fun.

    You asked, “How do I get something like this started in our local church?” I think the answer depends on the structure and organization and leadership of your church. At the least, you can always invited other to your home for food and fellowship.