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What are they learning from you?

Posted by on Nov 12, 2008 in discipleship | 6 comments

In my last post, “Learning from Strangers“, I suggested that we should primarily learn and grow through relationships, not from strangers.

Paul told Timothy, “You, however, have followed my teaching, my conduct, my aim in life, my faith, my patience, my love, my steadfastness…” (2 Timothy 3:10 ESV).

So, my question in this short post is this: what are your friends learning from you? And, I don’t mean just from your words, but also from your conduct, your aim in life, your faith, your patience, your love, your steadfastness… If we do primarily learn through relationships, then what are you teaching those people who are part of your life?


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  1. 11-12-2008

    I think people are watching a guy struggling with and growing from his Christian walk.

    They know i am not perfect and in fact am quite far from it, but they see a change, a calm and inner peace growing that was not there a few years ago.

  2. 11-12-2008

    Wonderful thoughts and post Alan.
    I always love reading your blog every morning. keep up the fantastic job you do making such life changing difference in the lives of your readers.

  3. 11-12-2008

    I learned something else from strangers, book memes.

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  4. 11-12-2008


    I hope people are learning from me… but ignoring and forgiving some of the things I do also. Thanks for your response.

    By the way, I’ve done the book meme before, but I’ll do it again since you tagged me.




  5. 11-12-2008

    I’m hoping that people see someone that is a follower of Christ without the religious baggage that can come with that. I’m not even sure entirely what that means…

  6. 11-13-2008


    Maybe you can write about what you think that means… I know I’d love to read it.