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A Full Week – in the positive sense

Posted by on May 16, 2009 in community, discipleship, fellowship | Comments Off on A Full Week – in the positive sense

This has been a very good week for our family and friends.

On Tuesday night, we were invited to the apartment of four single college men. (We affectionately call them “the boys”.) They cooked barbecue, brunswick stew, grilled corn, and homemade bbq sauce for us. Margaret made potato salad and baked beans. We had a great time fellowshiping with them. It is so exciting to see four single guys practicing hospitality!

On Wednesday night, we were invited to another home. This family was hosting a Bible study this month. They rotate from house to house each month. But, Wednesday night, they were celebrating the husband’s birthday. So, we took part in the celebration. Besides the fellowship we also shared a yummy ice cream cake from Diary Queen!

Also, this week, I had the opportunity to spend time with three young men. It is very exciting to see what God is doing in their lives, and I’m glad that they are letting me be part of that.

We decided to paint our living room, dining room, and kitchen. So last night, we started prepping (cleaning, spackling, sanding, taping, etc.). Some friends invited us to dinner since we were working on our house. What a great gift! We didn’t have to stop to cook dinner! Plus, again, we were able to spend time with some friends.

Then, on top of that, the wife said that she would cook dinner for us tonight, since we would be painting. And, we did paint! We actually started the trim last night. Then, this morning and this afternoon we put two coats of paint on the living room walls. We can’t paint the dining room or kitchen yet, because all of our living room furniture is in those rooms. Hopefully, we’ll be able to shift furniture tomorrow and start prepping and painting the kitching and dining room next week.

So, it has been a full week… in a very positive sense. I’m exciting about what God is doing in our lives and in the lives of the people around us. I wish I could share everything that was going on. For now, we’ve finished painting the living room, and we’re waiting from someone to bring us dinner.

We don’t deserve this goodness and grace.