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Dave Black gives a “faculty lecture”

Posted by on Nov 5, 2009 in discipleship, love, service | 4 comments

At Southeastern Seminary, one faculty member is invited to give a “faculty lecture” each semester. This semester, it was Dave Black‘s turn.

Usually, the “faculty lecture” involves reading (or presenting) a paper that the faculty member has recently written, perhaps specifically for this lecture. Dave didn’t read a paper. Instead, he used this opportunity to exhort the students and others in attendance to consider themselves full-time missionaries.

His “lecture” was called “Jesus the Model Missionary” (based in Matthew 9:35-38). Dave encouraged the students to use Jesus’ model in Matthew for their own model. They should go to the cities and the villages. They should teach, preach the gospel, and care for people’s needs.

Dave used his family’s experiences in Ethiopia (and other parts of the world) as examples. For those who have heard Dave and BeckyLynn Black speak about their service in Ethiopia, this lecture was nothing new. However, for those who still think of missionaries as a special class of Christians, perhaps Dave’s “lecture” encouraged them to see themselves as sent by God into the harvest fields.


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  1. 11-5-2009

    Was there a recording of this lecture? I’d like to hear it if so.

  2. 11-5-2009

    Jimbo, Dave said on his blog that he asked that it not be recorded because of the sensitivity of the persecuted church in Ethiopia.

  3. 11-5-2009

    mmm, the blog said he asked it not be posted…Arty…

  4. 11-6-2009


    No, I’m not aware of a recording.