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Learning from One Another

Posted by on Oct 8, 2010 in community, discipleship, fellowship, unity | 1 comment

Three years ago, I wrote a post called “Learning from One Another.” The purpose was to encourage believers to listen to and learn from one another – specifically to listen to and learn from those of different denominations, practices, and beliefs. I’d love to hear how my current readers would respond.


Learning from One Another

This is going to be a different kind of post than I usually publish. I believe that followers of Jesus Christ should be humble enough to learn from other followers of Jesus Christ, even if those others are “different”, with “different” beliefs and “different” practices.

I believe that Baptists should learn from Presbyterians who should learn from Methodists who should learn from Disciples of Christ who should learn from Anglicans who should learn from Nondenominationals, etc. I believe that Conservatives should learn from Liberals who should learn from Moderates, etc. I believe that Moderns should learn from Postmoderns who should learn from Premoderns who should learn from Post-postmoderns, etc. We should learn from those who are different from us but who are, nonetheless, our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Therefore, I am going to ask you what you have learned from others. Here are the rules:

1. List only positive things that you have learned from other believers.

2. List only things you have learned from followers of Christ who are different from you (i.e. different denomination, philosophical worldview, hermeneutic, etc.).

3. List only positive things that you have learned (Yes, I meant to repeat this!).

Have you learned something from brothers and sisters in Christ who are different than you? Please share those with us.


This is how I responded to my own post:

From my more reformed brothers and sisters, I’ve learned more about trusting God’s providence and protection.

From my more emerging/emergent brothers and sisters, I’ve learned that I can hold to my convictions and still listen to others and learn from their perspectives.

From my more missional brothers and sisters, I’ve learned that mission should happen every day.

From my more liberal brothers and sisters, I’ve learned that the gospel can be proclaimed with hands and feet and food and water.

From my more covenental brothers and sisters, I’ve learned that God keeps his promises.

From my more charsimatic brothers and sisters, I’ve learned to wait for the Holy Spirit.

From my more catholic brothers and sisters, I’ve learned that their is one church.

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  1. 10-8-2010

    A Charismatic friend taught me not to view my faith as a purely intellectual process

    A missionary friend taught me the value of providing for people’s physical needs, as opposed to simply helping their spiritual needs

    A Free-will minded friend taught me to have passion about sharing the Gospel and seeking to lead people to Christ

    A Premillenial friend has taught me to be cautious when “over-spiritualizing” Scripture

    Another Charismatic friend has taught me to be open to the work and leading of God’s Spirit

    A Catholic friend has taught me to value and respect traditional views, instead of simply going at theology from an individualistic approach

    Somewhere down the line everything I believe has been taught to me by people I had previously disagreed with.


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