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Video Interviews Coming

Posted by on Nov 24, 2010 in community, fellowship, love, missional, service | 2 comments

In the next couple of weeks (perhaps as early as next week), I’m going to add a new feature to “The Assembling of the Church”: video interviews. This morning, I recorded the first part of my first interview with my friend Jason White from “Second and Content.” During three or four interviews, Jason is going to tell us about his recent decision to move to South Africa for a year.

My plan is for my interviews with Jason to be the first in a series of video interviews with people that God has brought into my life or used in my life in some way. I’m hoping that their stories and examples of serving others in the name of Jesus Christ will be an encouragement and a challenge for all of us.

I haven’t decided if I’m only going to set up these video interviews as a separate category on this blog, or if I’m going to also publish them as a video podcast. Do you have any suggestions?


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  1. 11-25-2010


    Please forgive my innocence, but would you mind elaborating on the last paragraph. Or, perhaps the fact that I do not really understand the options or the pros and cons, means that I am not a fit person to make suggestions anyhow!

  2. 11-29-2010


    Thanks for the question. I’ve posted the first video. It will be on my blog and on Vimeo. But, I’m still trying to decide whether or not to create a podcast on itunes.