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We’re spending the weekend in New Bern, NC

Posted by on Apr 22, 2011 in personal | 2 comments

Margaret’s parents surprised us with a long weekend vacation to New Bern, NC for Margaret’s birthday.

New Bern is one of our favorite “get-away” places in NC. Margaret and I have been there a couple of times, but this will be the first trip for our children and for Margaret’s parents. I think we’re going to enjoy showing the around the town.

So, while you’re reading this, we’re probably exploring Tryon Palace, or eating Shrimp and Grits at the Chelsea, or walking through the historic district, or sampling the crab cakes at Captain Ratty’s.

While we’re in New Bern, I don’t know how much internet access I will have. I do not know if there will be wi-fi in the resort. I do have access via phone, but I probably won’t be doing that much.

So, go ahead and comment and interact on the posts that I have scheduled to publish while I’m gone. I’ll be able to moderate comments (if necessary), and may interact a little. But, otherwise, I’ll try to respond when I return on Sunday.

(Also, thank you to a very good friend who is house and dog sitting for us this weekend!)


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  1. 4-22-2011


    Have a chill out time and remember that Spirit will energize you as you rest and open your heart to the Presence.

  2. 4-22-2011

    Ah, one of the other advantages of not being an employed pastor. You can go out of town on Easter weekend! 🙂