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Make a Difference

Posted by on Dec 5, 2008 in blog links, love, missional, service | 3 comments

Jamey at “A Life Transformed” is one of those voices that every believer should listen closely to. Here is one of her recent posts called “What Would Have Made A Difference“:

If you would have reached out to me as a friend, that would have made a difference.
I needed the support and encouragement of someone who cared.

If you would have taken the time to listen, that would have made a difference.
I needed someone who could understand.

If you would have accepted me, that would have made a difference.
I wanted to feel like I belonged.

If you would have loved me, that would have made a difference.
It would have gave me hope.

All these things would have made a difference,
I would have seen Jesus in you.

The hurting need to know that someone cares and loves them. Sometimes the thing they may need most is someone to just be there. If we want to see lives transformed with the message of Jesus, we need to show them Jesus. We do that through our actions by loving them, genuinely caring for them, having compassion for them, and seeing them as Jesus does. That exemplifies the love of Christ.

Jamey is not speaking from theory. She’s been homeless before. She knows how the poor are treated, even by Christians.

I’m ready to make a difference. How about you?


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  1. 12-5-2008

    Alan, Thanks for this post.

    Ministering to the poor will not bring you fame in this life or get you on the front of magazines. It is the most rewarding, most challenging and most emotionally draining ministry second to raising a family.

    I would encourage believers to develop relationships with those who are the poor, lame, etc. Tell them and show them Christ.

    Thanks Alan,

  2. 12-5-2008

    I spent a good 6 months in the streets of southwest Detroit and Lincoln Park, Michigan. Every one of those days were riddled with hunger, degradation, and heroin addiction.

    My life was a living hell. I wanted to die. I was running from myself, and running from isolation at the same time.

    I never once did I receive the truth of the Gospel. I met and spoke to many “believers,” but none of them spent much time with me.

    Thank God for that minister who came to the County Jail the day the Lord broke my hard heart and gave me one new.


  3. 12-5-2008


    Thanks for the comment. I appreciate your example and encouragement.

    Faithful Servant,

    Thank you for sharing part of your story. May God use me to demonstrate his grace and love to someone who is now in the situation you once were.