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Sincere love makes the greatest difference

Posted by on Aug 23, 2010 in blog links, church life, community, discipleship, fellowship | 6 comments

My friend Danny (from “learning…“) met with us for just over a year. Then, a couple of weeks ago, he moved to Williamsburg, VA. In his post, “A Wonderful Body of Believers,” he talks about the time that he spent with us. I can’t think of a better compliment that what Danny says:

During my time at SEBTS there have been many who have befriended me over the years and blessed me in some way. As an encouragement to you I would like to share about some of them and what they did for me . These people did things that are not in some method book for discipleship, community, fellowship, or teaching. They were just simply being themselves in the Lord and reached out to me for the bottom of their heart through the gifts the Holy Spirit has given them and used the World’s Goods that God gave them. It is this sincere love for God and people that makes the greatest difference. It is when they were like Christ to me that they ministered the most to me.

Here is a picture of many of the people who gather as Messiah Baptist Church. They have reached out to me as a brother and a son, taken me into their homes, fed me, encouraged me, fixed my car, helped me move, talked about (walked with) Jesus and the Bible, talked philosophy, showed me how to love others, even let me use my gifts in the Lord to encourage, teach and comfort them, and much much more. With out neglecting  structure at the proper times all this was mostly spontaneous.

I would like to say more but our (and “Messiah Baptist’s”) real boast is in the Lord, Jesus Christ. It is he that began a good work in us and will complete it. It is he that is working though us to love, to teach, to understand, to spread the good news and build the Kingdom of God: His kingdom.

I pray that we will treat everyone that God brings into our lives that way that Danny felt we treated him… to God’s glory and for the advancement of his Kingdom! I can also tell you that Danny was a huge encouragement to all of us!

By the way, Danny includes a picture of some of the people that we meet with in his blog post.


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  1. 8-23-2010

    I see a black dude in that picture, is that photoshop?

  2. 8-23-2010

    lionel, you made me smile today!!

  3. 8-23-2010


    No photoshop. Some of us brothers and sisters are melanin-deficient. Some have an ample supply of melanin.


  4. 8-23-2010

    Trying to get a rise out of Alan!!! I am sure he is going to come back with something 😮

  5. 8-23-2010

    Or Vanilla defecient 😮

  6. 8-23-2010

    Lionel, I just spewed Coke out of my nose and onto my monitor and keyboard after reading your comment, thanks alot!