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Becky Lynn Black passed away this morning

Posted by on Nov 2, 2013 in blog links, personal | 4 comments

For the last several years, my family and friends have been praying for Becky Lynn Black as she fought cancer. This morning I heard that she finished that fight – a fight that lasted several years longer than doctors suggested – and she emerged on the other side victorious through Jesus Christ our Lord, with whom she is now celebrating.

Mrs. Becky Lynn passed away this morning.

If you don’t know her, she was the wife of my former PhD mentor Dave Black who blogs here.

I thank God for her life and for what he taught me through her, especially by showing me how to love and serve others. Over and over I witnessed her give to others, even toward the end of her life when many would have stopped.

I encourage you to read more about her and to join me in thanking God for his children like her.

Also, please pray for Dave Black, her family, and friends. They will miss her greatly in the days, weeks, months, and years to come. But, we know that God is able to comfort them and strengthen them during this time.


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  1. 11-2-2013

    Dave’s blog, detailing Becky’s last days is amazing. I may never have met them, but I’m praying for Dave and the family.

  2. 11-2-2013

    I prefer the praise promoted to Glory,Dear Dave God has richly blessed you and your Family may he do so continually. Yours in Christ Richard.

  3. 11-2-2013

    God Bless you ALL,

    Comfort each-other with Thess.


  4. 11-2-2013