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I’ve published another article for as the Raleigh Practical Christianity Examiner. The article is part of my “Sunday 101” series, and it’s called “Sunday 101: The Sunday Morning Worship Service.”

In this article, I continue to examine some of the basic beliefs and practices concerning the church and compare them to Scripture.

As the title suggests, this article is about the prevalent practice known as the “Sunday Morning Worship Service.”

Here’s an excerpt:

For most modern churches, the Sunday morning worship service is the center of church life and the focus of the church’s week. This is true for small churches and large churches, new churches and old churches, and churches of many different denominational stripes.

Given that the Sunday morning worship service plays such an important role in the lives of Christians today, certainly we find that focus in Scripture as well, right? Well, not exactly.

Please use the link above to jump over to and read the entire article. It’s only about 300 words.


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  1. 2-20-2011

    In the 1968 episode of Start Trek, “The Omega Glory,” they run across a mongol-like society that has a book containing “sacred words” starting with “E Plebneesta.” No one knows what they mean anymore. They recite them ritually. It turns out, of course, they are the preamble to the US Constitution, “We the people…”

    It almost seems, on many fronts, that the church has lost the meaning and now rehearses the sacred words meaninglessly.

  2. 2-20-2011


    Any connection with the original Star Trek is automatically good.